William Collyer

William is an illustrator with a strong passion for printmaking objects and places -most of the time objects in places. Combining knowledge of traditional practises with digital mediums he is able to create illustrations that look both modern and mature. His artwork frequently discusses sustainability and environmental issues in order to raise awareness of the impact our passion for plastics and consumerism has made on our planet.

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100 Plastic Items YOU Own

Relief Print

The collage of over 100 hand drawn and printed plastic items was created in response to our obsession with plastic, and how blind we have become to the sheer amount of plastic in our homes.

Relief Print and Digital

Inspired by our relationship with objects and the abundance of plastic items that we use every day, William’s work highlights the average home and the plastic lodgers within. Often unaware of just how much plastic we use annually, each project aims to bring focus not only to the amount of plastic the average household uses, but the importance of recycling and switching to alternatives to reduce our plastic footprint.

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