Valeria Szucs

Valeria crash landed her broom stick into Swansea, around 4 years ago armed with nothing but a pencil & a dream. She can now be found in her studio scribbling away with Boris the Podengo standing guard. The unique characters she has met along this journey have influenced her style and enabled her to add real personality into her drawings, appreciated by many & loved by all, using digital watercolour or her old fashioned dip pen.

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A Day in the Life of Boris

Watercolour, Ink and Digital

A day in the life of Boris is a picture book celebrating the wholesome life of Boris. Written and Illustrated by Valeria, the book aims to spread joy to pet owners and animal lovers in general. The heartwarming and relatable adventures of Boris, with lively and vibrant illustrations, really bring home the unique bond between humans & animals.

Animal Illustrations

Watercolour, Ink and Digital

A fondness of animals and a budding partnership with Coppershell Animal Sanctuary provided the foundation to these pieces, each illustration displaying the quirkiness of the subject.

Food Illustrations

Watercolour, Ink and Digital

Inspired by a passion for simple cooking with great ingredients, focusing on vegan and vegetarian dishes, Valeria’s food illustrations aim to tempt the taste buds with her distinctive unique style. 



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