Sam Tobias John

Sam is a concept artist and illustrator who creates lively characters inhabiting real and fictional settings. He takes his inspiration from video games, books, movies and other popular media in the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Sam uses pencil to map out the silhouettes and expressions of his characters and then works on them in digital media, creating detailed character concepts and expression sheets. His work is playful, expressive and can take many forms, from heroes to villains and everything in between.

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Graphite pencil and digital

Deepdark is a series of character concepts for a fantasy game setting. The characters include monsters that would be found in the 'Deepdark', an ever-changing dungeon filled with classic fantasy creates and monsters. The project seeks in particular to explore the characters though a lens of nostalgia, visiting retro video-game visuals and atmospheres, while bringing fresh perspectives to these classic creatures. This is in the form of concept art.


Kirin-Dur Characters

Pencil sketch and Digital

This project explores the designs and ideas behind characters made by peers of the artist through their Dungeons and Dragons game. Using descriptions of the character's appearance and personality displayed in-game, character design sheets have been created to illustrate these individuals.

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