Chloe Hawkins

Chloe Ann is an illustrator currently living in Swindon. She has a strong desire to emigrate to Australia and become a teacher in art and design. She has a graphic style of work that has bold colours that catches your eyes. Chloe has a wide portfolio and is been working on branding, packaging and events advertisement. Her current work is very personal to her and is trying to promote the awareness of Endometriosis.

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These series of posters have been created to help spread information and knowledge on Endometriosis. This as become a personal project and help my friends and family understand the condition. This is the main purpose of the poster to promote what it is and how to go around about getting checked for it. This would be aimed at a female audience of all ages as it only affects women. The posters themselves were created using procreate and then transferred to Adobe Photoshop for final editing.

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