Pola Bee

Paula is a spot illustrator who works digitally with Procreate and Posca paint markers on anything but white paper. They explore shape and limited colour palettes. Easily recognisable for their linework and bright colour illustration of figures ranging from beautiful humans to stylised animals.

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Music Colour Wheel

Digital. Procreate

This project is about music genres while applying a limited colour palette from line-work to details ensuring a cohesive look. Paula worked digitally with Procreate and allowed negative space to shine through, ready to be used with text.

Bad Dreams

Digital. Procreate

This project collects a series of looping gifs which are somehow a darker playful twist to the author’s nightmares. Paula worked on procreate to animate short movements illustrating some repeating imagery from their dreams. Using stylised canines Paula hoped for it to be more expressive and give their illustrations a place online.

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