Mion is a young illustrator studying in Swansea. The majority of her work is digital but other mediums include pencil drawn art and the occasional watercolour or acrylic painting. Mion seeks to refine her skills and ensure it retains her unique style but remains diverse and recognisable. Her art style is mostly based on characters or scenarios that she finds unique and intriguing. Mood and expression are important for her. Her inspiration stems from a plethora of comic and animation media, ranging from Christy Karaca to Hiroyuki Imaishi. After graduation, Mion hopes to work in various disciplines such as character design or general character illustration while completing commissions on the side.



Genesis, a project done by Mion, is an all digital set of illustrations on the Adam and Eve creation story from the Bible's Book of Genesis, and is inspired from both surrealist and baroque art alike. Having always loved gold church architecture as a child and general Catholic aesthetics, Mion seeks to show off her admiration for bizarre, exquisite beauty in these pieces of art.

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