Megan Taylor

Megan is an illustrator based in Swansea. Her preferred mediums are watercolours and Posca pens but she has also been working at improving her digital skills. She focuses on creating her own comic book art as well as writing the story to go along with her illustrations. Her inspiration comes from sci-fi novels and movies which have inspired her to work with a colour palette suited to a supernatural theme.

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Felix and the Fish

Posca pen, watercolour, and Procreate

This set of comic book pages tells the story of paranormal entities taking the form of fishes that follow a boy around all day, bringing brightness and colour to his life. Written and illustrated by Megan, the continuing chapters are being uploaded to WebToon and she plans to continue updating the comic as the story progresses. Megan's inspiration comes from her love of paranormal stories and conspiracy theories, as she has always found the subject fascinating.

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