Lily Pinemallow

Lily is an artist based in South Wales whose illustrations combine cosiness and fantasy with the surreal. Her work often depicts elements of nature with a sense of earthy familiarity, blended with more melancholy and strange themes influenced by folklore, poetry, surrealism, and an exploration of the feminine. Her illustrations are linked through their dreamlike atmosphere which reflects Lily’s gravitation towards escapism and all things whimsical.


Mae Lily yn siaradwr Cymraeg ac mae’n hapus i weithio ar brosiectau drwy’r cyfrwng.

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Ink and digital

Folktea is a set of designs exploring mythology and femininity through the medium of tea flavours. Combining folkloric narrative with design, the series draws its inspiration from mythological figures who embody some facet of the Monstrous-Feminine archetype. The tea packaging seeks to invoke the idea of magical blends and enchanted brews, referencing deep-rooted beliefs of autonomous women as witches and brewers of evil. 

Lady Lazarus

Ink, gouache, coloured pencil and digital

With a focus on typography and allegorical imagery, Lady Lazarus is based around the Sylvia Plath poem of the same name. The project gives shape to relationships between type, image, power and vulnerability, drawing on the complex and chilling connotations of the poem.



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