Lee Richards

Lee is a Swansea based Illustrator with a diverse knowledge of different techniques and media. He is particularly interested in, and skilled at, printmaking and digital editing and always pays great attention to detail and quality. Recurring themes throughout his work include the celebration of iconic portraiture and compositions featuring architecture that has inspired him whilst travelling.

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Iconic Portraiture

Pencil, Digital, Printmaking. 

These portraits look at what makes a character/persona iconic. Lee deconstructs the drawn portraits into limited colour palettes and bold piercing black halftone outlines. The off-centre coloured backgrounds show how the imperfections do not affect the viewer’s understanding of the subject matter. While the torn paper edge suggests that even if the character is torn away from the subject, a trace of that iconic character is still left behind.

City Travels

Watercolour, Pen, Digital 

These foldout zines and posters are inspired by various locations Lee has visited. Strong black lines and use of subtle colour palettes relate to each location. Printmaking and risograph techniques enhance the final quality of each zine. They can be used as a souvenir or memento to keep, designed to open out revealing the main poster image.

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