Laura Sadler

Laura is a freelance illustrator living in Pembrokeshire South West Wales. Laura has three daughters who are her biggest influences. Her older two daughters have various medical conditions which can have an impact on their self-esteem and cause them to feel different to their peers. Guiding them through these struggles has lead Laura to be influenced by differences in humanity and explore themes such as diversity, body image and femininity through her artwork. Laura can work with a variety of mediums but mostly enjoys pencil colours and digitally on her iPad.

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Grandpa and Me 


Grandpa and Me is an original picture book, written and illustrated by Laura Sadler. Influenced by the need for diversity and representation in children’s picture books, this is the story of a young boy and his Grandpa, and their adventurous day together through the imagination of the grandson. 


International Women's

Day and Naked Yoga 


International Women’s Day and Naked Yoga were designed as editorial pieces to celebrate women. Featuring women of different shapes, skin colours and different physicalities. With the inclusion of natural body hair and other ‘imperfections’, this piece was designed to empower women to feel proud of their bodies and to be happy in their own skin. 




Lost is the beginning of an original picture book written and illustrated by Laura Sadler. The story revolves around a young boy who watches his parents lose his baby brother during pregnancy. He turns to the sea to help him deal with his grief. The simplicity of the illustrations, with limited palette and lots white space, set the mood for this sensitive story. 




A project to design packaging for a London coffee house, Kaffiene66. Laura’s illustration of the building of one of Kaffiene66’s coffee houses is used to create packaging for coffee beans, coffee cups and other packaging. 




Subversion, an illustration of a cow drinking tea made from breast milk, is a piece created to question what we accept as normal. Designed, and chosen for, for the branding of our Graduate Exhibition. 

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