Kieran Pope

Kieran was raised on old-school games and, with his trusty pencil as his weapon, took inspiration from game culture and the style of old retro titles such as ‘The Legend of Zelda’. Growing up in a small but busy town in Wales gave him the desire to learn all he could about his desired practice and unlock the secrets behind it. This led to him creating concept art using a diverse range of media.  His current work is mostly digital, using dark Gothic tones to add drama and atmosphere to his illustrations.  

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Character Design

Digital and traditional

This series of turnaround sheets of various mythical monsters will form part of a tome of beasts or a bestiary. Along with the character designs for each monster, Kieran includes a narrative: Information about how the creatures live in their environment, their bodies, where they originate and the lore. The landscape work shows the environment in which they live.

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