Daniel Jenkins

Dan was born and raised in Bridgend, but it was in Swansea that he fell in love with illustration. His work is primarily ink based, capturing often grotesque themes with detailed line work. This is mainly due to the fact that he finds computers untrustworthy and frightening. However, he has been striving to improve upon his digital skill, touching up his traditional drawings and experimenting with a variety of platforms. Dan wants to work in the tattoo industry for which his dark ink art style is well suited.

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Quarantine inspiration

Black fineliner. Digitally Polished 

Created in response to the Corona virus lockdown: Everyone’s immediate worlds became a lot smaller, confined to one’s homes, artistic inspiration can seem nearly impossible. Dan set out to explore these avenues of inspiration, setting himself the challenge of adapting everyday forms and objects found within and around his home, into strange and surreal images and beings.

Editorial Tattoo Designs

Digital. Procreate

These pieces were created as an attempt to approach and capture the personal aspects of tattoos today, with an editorial approach. Each piece is created specially to reflect upon the persona and experiences of an individual, whilst attempting to stylistically subvert the common tropes of generalised tattooing today.

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