Bethan Brook

Bethan is a Welsh based illustrator with a passion for animals and nature, which shines through her illustrations. Nature has always been her subject matter and a place that sparks her creativity, inspiring her style of detailed line work created with fine liners. Through her illustrations she captures the patterns and detail of nature and animals, showing their beauty through black and white illustrations with the rarity of colour. 

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Threats of Endangerment

Fineliner pens and Watercolour

This is a series of campaign posters to draw attention to the threats faced by endangered animals, such as habitat loss, climate change, human destruction and poaching to name a few. Each poster highlights the negatives and distress of the individual animal, while spreading the message for people to act now and stop any further endangerment. I have placed the animals in a colourless habitat reflecting the loss to come of their homes. 

Red Panda Poster JPEG.jpg


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